Stuk Puk performance

We would like to invite you to the Stuk Puk performance, which will take place on 22.06 at 17:00!

Theatre and theatre activities can not only be great entertainment, but they open up new possibilities for children in an amazing way. They allow a child to overcome fears, build self-confidence, shape and nurture correct speech, as well as help in developing imagination and intellect. What is more, such activities sharpen the sense of observation, influence personality and help in discharging accumulated emotions.

The performance is intended for children up to the age of 3, but we know from experience that older children, 4 years old, also have fun!

After the performance, a workshop with the children will have place, ending with creative play.

for whom: children 1-4 years
when: 22.06 o 17:00
30 minutes of performance + 30 minutes of creative play

where: Bawialnia Hej, zabawa!
Galicyjska 1, Cracow

price: 50 PLN/person (+30 minutes of free play in the playroom for FREE)
sign in:

Payment for the classes confirms the child’s participation.

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