„Gordonki” are classes based on the developmental methodology of E. Gordon, which consists of stimulating the child’s musical development mainly through singing.

While singing and rhythmising together, the child learns different metres and tones.

During the classes various props are used to stimulate the child’s imagination as well as the children have the possibility to listen to different instruments.

Regular music classes contribute to the child’s rapid musical and speech development.

Children begin to speak more quickly and clearly.

They are more willing to play improvised and creative games than their peers who do not take part in such activities. They are able to concentrate for longer on a given activity and it is much easier for them to learn languages.

The activities are designed for children aged 0-2 years.

for whom: children 0-2 years

when: Mondays 11:15 a.m. – 45 min.
in the conditions of a closed living room

where: Bawialnia Hej, zabawa!
Galicyjska 1, Cracow

price: PLN 45 (20% discount on free play in the living room)

sign in: bawialnia@hejzabawa.pl

Payment for the classes confirms your child’s participation.

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