Chocolate workshops

Bawialnia Hej Zabawa Kraków - Warsztaty czekoladowe

On July 16, we invite you to the next cooking workshop. Reservation of seats and registration in our calendar.


Gordonki - Hej zabawa bawialnia Kraków

„Gordonki” are classes based on the developmental methodology of E. Gordon, which consists of stimulating the child’s musical development mainly through singing. While singing and rhythmising together, the child learns different metres and tones. During the classes various props are used to stimulate the child’s imagination as well as the children have the possibility to […]

Molecular gastronomy workshop

Kraków - Warsztaty kuchni molekularnej

Are you dreaming of hot, aromatic coffee and a delicious cake? We’ll show the world of chemistry to your little one while you will have a moment to yourself! Molecular gastronomy workshop – 21.06.2023 at 17:00 DRY ICE learning about chemical and physical properties creating the world’s fastest ice cream together smoky experiments apron and […]

Stuk Puk performance

We would like to invite you to the Stuk Puk performance, which will take place on 22.06 at 17:00! Theatre and theatre activities can not only be great entertainment, but they open up new possibilities for children in an amazing way. They allow a child to overcome fears, build self-confidence, shape and nurture correct speech, […]